Households across South Africa hold their breaths at the thought of a possible hike in the price of fuel. The shipping industry is not different because the cost of fuel severely affects the maritime market profitability. At ABS we are focused on providing you with the highest quality bunker fuels in South Africa at the best possible price.

We are able to offer you competitive prices because we have long standing relationships with the worlds best fuel manufacturers. The same suppliers who supply the biggest names on the high seas with fuels are the same suppliers we have partnered with to supply bunker fuels to you. The needs of our customers are so important to us that we are even able to blend and create specific bunker fuels according to your company and industry specifications.

Our bunkering locations are at strategic points along the South African coastline because we want to ensure that wherever you are we are able to supply you with bunker fuel anywhere in South Africa. Not only do we supply bunker fuel to South Africa but we also supply bunker fuels to countries across the African continent in order to ensure that the shipping industry becomes a force to be reckoned with.

Being one of the top suppliers of bunker fuels in South Africa we have made sure that our products are up to the standards of the DMA and DMB specifications. All of our fuel oil also is tested and assessed to meet the strict standards set out by the ISO-F RMF 25 requirements.

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