HFO (Heavy Fuel Oil)

HFO is a heavy black residual fuel designed specifically for use in high heat release applications such as furnaces for various industrial processes, boilers as a source of energy for the generation of steam, as well as for large, slow speed compression ignition engines as found in marine or stationary units. Areas of use include mines, power plants, manufacturing plants etc.

It complies with the latest version of South African National Standards (SANS 1314).

Benefits include:

  • It has high calorific value which makes it suitable for high energy demand activities.
  • Readily stored – occupies half the space of coal for equivalent heat content.
  • Easily handled, regulated and controlled.
  • Less maintenance than coal-fired equipment.
  • Less labour required than with coal, no stoking, ash removal or conveyors required.
  • Less capital expenditure than equivalent coal plant.
  • Clean operation – no fly ash or dust problems, easy smoke control.
  • Longer furnace and boiler fire; less depreciation.


Energy Content (gross min)  kJ/kg ASTM D240 41 800 
Viscosity @ 50 deg C  cSt  ASTM D445  90 – 150 
Viscosity @ 100 deg C (max)  cSt  ASTM D445  20 
Density @ 20 deg C  kg/l  ASTM D4052  0.9600 
Flash Point (min)  deg C  ASTM D93  55 
Pour Point (max)  deg C  ASTM D97 0
Total Sulphur (max)  mass %  ASTM D4294  2.50 
Water content (max)  vol %  ASTM D95  0.5 
Ash (max)  mass %  ASTM D482  0.1 
Metals (aluminium + Silicon)  mg/kg  IP501 
Total sediment (max)  mass %  IP 375  0.2 


Africa Bunkering and Shipping reliably supplies HFO to power and manufacturing plants across Southern Africa.

Our pricing is subject to the prevailing crude oil price and local transport rates. For more information regarding HFO and pricing, please contact us.

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