ABS Lubricants

Abs lubricants adheres to the highest standards for any operation carrying approvals such as; MAN, VOLVO, RENAULT and Catterpillar etc. with our quality range of products we strive for customer satistaction through reliability and product performance. We have the highly professional team ready to assist with any technical questions you may have.

In additional to our own range of lubricants we can source and supply lubricants from every major in south Africa including Puma, Total, Engen, Caltex, Castrol and Valvoline.

*Please note this is not the complete list of products we offer. Should the product you require not be listed here, please feel free to send us an inquiry and we shall revert with a quotation.

Product code Product name Product Category Pack size
538 SAE 40 CF-4/SG Engine Oil 5L
5381 SAE 40 CF-4/SG Engine Oil 20L
5382 SAE 40 CF-4/SG Engine Oil 210L
502 Hydraulic 68 Hydraulic Oil 5L
5021 Hydraulic 68 Hydraulic Oil 20L
5023 Hydraulic 68 Hydraulic Oil 210L
506 15W40 CI4/SL Engine Oil 5L
5061 15W40 CI4/SL Engine Oil 20L
5062 15W40 CI4/SL Engine Oil 210L
600 CIRCULATING OIL 32 Circulating Oil 5L
6001 CIRCULATING OIL 33 Circulating Oil 20L
6002 CIRCULATING OIL 34 Circulating Oil 210L


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ABS Lubricants

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Email : orders@abslubricants.co.za


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